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  Long Island Back Pain Treatment NY LI|Chiropractors For Back Pain Relief  
long island low back pain treatment and low back pain therapy

Experiencing lower back pain? Need lower back pain relief that truly works? Long Island lower back pain sufferers call Doctors About Care, PC today at 631-661-6611!

Lower back pains are the second most called upon reason for lost days at work, with the first being the common cold, amongst adults. Lower back pains are debilitating, hindering things you want to do such as, working, sitting in a movie theater or a show for an extended period of time, sports participation, housecleaning, relaxing.

Doctors About Care, PC, since 1999, has provided effective lower back pain treatment for Long Island. Their effective chiropractic services and chiropractic treatments have provided pain relief for their Long Island patients, regardless of age or pain relief needs.

Doctors will commonly prescribe painkillers, muscle relaxants, and surgery as options to their patients suffering from lower back pains. Depending upon the condition, these, at times, are necessary, yet not always. They may not prove beneficial, and in many instances, any surgery could be avoided. A Long Island lower back pain treatment chiropractor's techniques are the safest as they eliminate the need for painkillers which can be addictive, and only non-invasive methods are incorporated into the treatments.

Manipulation is known to be the most sought-after technique to bring relief to the various severities of lower back pain. Doctors About Care, PC provides the much needed lower back pain relief to their patients and specializes in said manipulation. Chiropractic lower back pain treatment can save a person from facing disability, from needing prescribed drugs and from unnecessary surgery.

Doctors About Care, PC, Long Island lower back pain treatment chiropractors will address the causes of lower back pain, help strengthen the muscles of your lower back and strengthen your body's core, and while this makes them stronger, you would be able to perform your duties as pain-free as possible. The healing process goes quickly and there are fewer chances of relapses.

Lower back pains can be caused by the following conditions, to name a few: overstretching, lifting overly-heavy objects which would result in bulging discs, disc herniation of the lumbar (lower) spine, slipped discs, sciatica (nerve root impingement which creates sharp pain in the area as well as numbness down the leg), nerve inflammation, spinal stenosis (spinal disc degeneration); degenerative disc disease, arthritis, muscle tension, muscle spasms, musculoskeletal pain syndromes that produce lower back pain such as fibromyalgia, irritation to discs and joints, and more.

Depending upon the type of condition one may find discomfort and terrible pain while standing for long periods of time, sitting, walking, bending forwards. The kind of pains felt varies from muscle aches, shooting pains, stabbing pains, numbness and can be accompanied by a limited range in motion, flexibility, and inability to stand straight.

Long Island lower back pain treatment chiropractors Doctors About Care, PC utilizes techniques such as spine decompression, spinal manipulation and adjustments, physical therapy modalities (such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation), exercises targeting the lower spine (stretching and strengthening), cold laser treatment, acupuncture, massage, cold or heat treatments in conjunction with massage and manipulation, recommendations for exercies to be implemented at home or the office, perhaps recommend a lumbar corset which may help create stability in the lower back, and other techniques not aforementioned here, but you will learn about further within this web site.

Contact Long Island lower back pain treatment chiropractors Doctors About Care, PC, for lower back pain relief.
Call 631-661-6611.

Long Island areas which have benefited from Doctors About Care, PC's chiropractic services include:

Amityville, Babylon, Bay Shore, Brentwood, Central Islip, Copiague, Deer Park, Dix Hills, Huntington, Islip, Lindenhurst, Melville, North Babylon, West Babylon, West Islip, to mention a few.

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