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  Suffolk County Back Pain Treatment Long Island NY LI|Chiropractors For Back Pain Relief  

Doctors About Care, PC has provided effective back pain treatment and other chiropractic services for their Suffolk County clients. The Suffolk County chiropractic office has helped patients with musculoskeletal conditions since 1999. A Suffolk County chiropractor's main focus is the musculoskeletal system, (the spine). A healthy spine benefits your nervous system, which is vital as it controls all of the cells in your body. Suffolk County back pain treatment chiropractors Doctors About Care, PC will get your back on the path to being pain-free. Doctors About Care, PC are THE chiropractors for back pain relief. Call them today at 631-661-6611.

Chiropractors Doctors About Care, PC know that back pain is debilitating and painful to suffer through day-by-day. It affects your work performance; posture; the way you walk; and how you would relax. Effective back pain treatment is important to your ability to function and for your comfort. The back pain treatment Doctors About Care, PC provides would benefit you immensely. Suffolk County back pain treatment chiropractors have the understanding of their patients' conditions, and the best chiropractic treatments are used.

Chiropractors use the following techniques: correction of the spine's misalignment (vertebrae subluxation) by performing manual manipulation of the spine, cold laser therapy, spinal decompression, posture correction, electrical nerve stimulation, cognitive therapy, massage therapy, ice and heat packs in conjunction with exercises, biofeedback, physical therapy, this is but a small list of their techniques. Back pain treatment, along with listening to your chiropractor's recommendations and suggestions, minimizes the chance of future back problems.
Drug and invasive procedures are not necessarily the main components in back pain treatment.

The Suffolk County back pain treatment chiropractors treat problems in the lower back, middle back, upper back, herniated discs, sciatica, (which causes pain down the leg, a pins and needles sensation, and numbness in the leg), pinched nerves, degenerative discs, hip pains, muscle pains, joint pains, shoulder pains, neck pains, spinal stenosis, to name a few of the conditions.

Some causes of back pain and back vulnerabilities include lack of exercise, vigorous participation in sports (weekend athletes are also called "weekend warriors"), poor posture practice, improperly lifting a heavy object, (it's advised to bend at the knee but many fail to follow this rule), increase in work demand, increased prolonged seating, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, lack of care immediately after an accident and injury, foot structure abnormalities, poor diet, scoliosis, lack of periodic lumbar spinal checkups and alignment as well as lack of preventative care.

Suffolk County back pain treatment chiropractors, Doctors About Care, PC, will help you regain pain-free functioning of your back. For optimal pain relief from superior back pain treatments, contact the chiropractic office of Doctors About Care, PC by calling 631-661-6611.

Suffolk County areas which have benefited from Doctors About Care, PC chiropractic services include:

Amityville, Babylon, Bay Shore, Brentwood, Central Islip, Copiague, Deer Park, Dix Hills, Huntington, Islip, Lindenhurst, Melville, West Babylon, West Islip

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